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A brand identity is much more than a logo or tagline.

A well-positioned brand identity Kit is poised, packaged, promoted and will leave you forming deep emotional connections.

A company’s culture, product and/or service is received better with a brand identity! It’s the special feeling inside your gut that you notice while interacting with a company.

A company without specified business branding is in constant danger of having their brand misrepresented.

Design consistency is essential in today’s competitive market.

Our branding package is essentially an inclusive marketing kit that’s geared to meet the needs of startups and small business companies. This brand identity kit will get up and running in no time with a custom designed online and offline presence. This business branding kit includes everything you’ll need to launch your business from digital designs and printed collateral.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling on a branding package that will supply your business with instant recognition and provide you with the confidence to show off your brand identity to the masses.


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    Logo Design

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    Custom Web Design

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    Social Media Images

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    Brochure Design

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    Business Card Design

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    Professional Email Signature

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What do you want people to think of when your brand comes to mind? Amateur graphics and sloppy formatting; or sleek, sexy, jaw-dropping visuals that make your business look like the coolest thing around?

That’s a rhetorical question by the way.

We’ll provide professional artwork and captivating designs that includes your entire brand, from your logo and website to your business cards and letterheads.

INVESTMENT $1,500 split into 3 payments, make your deposit Today!

$500 Deposit at time of booking, $500 at start of project and $500 at time of completion before files are passed on.

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